Wager Junction Payment and Windows Casino use Playtech platform

For all of Wager Junction partners in the USA and Canada at the present time They are only able to pay you via Bank Wire and ECOCard. Wager Junction are investigating alternatives but that takes a bit of time. Wager Junction have emailed a number of you asking for either your Bank Details or Eco Card details.

The minimum payment via wire is $500 and the minimum payment via ECOCard is $100. Please contact me should you have any further questions.

The renaissance of Windows Casino continues apace and it is currently picking up a lot of players and converting really well and the figures have been way beyond their expectations for its first full month on the Playtech platform.

Wager Junction are going to be within the next few days making changes to the Playtech affiliate program. Currently the manner in which partners take and serve creative material is not to my liking as in my opinion it is not user friendly. Wager Junction are therefore going to be adding a Marketing Tools page that will be far more user friendly .

Wager Junction final mention must go to the Bingo page that I put up recently according to Google Analytics it is receiving a lot of traffic and that great. Because of this they are going to be adding an RSS feed and Free Games for partners so that you can bhave Fresh content and a tool that will entice players to visit their products.

If you have any questions the above please do not hesitate to contact the Wager Junction Affiliate team via mail or use the contact form on the sites.

May 18, 2007

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