HippoJo Casino Membership Loyalty System

HippoJo Casino is in the process of implementing its Membership Loyalty System for players and affiliates. This will be introduced during September 2007.

The first phase in implementing this system is to transfer the "comp points" players have earned so far from the casino cashier into our Membership Loyalty System.

This transfer will be finalised by Monday the 2nd July 2007 and, as a consequence, player "comp points" balance displayed in the HippoJo Cashier will be reset to zero.

When it is rolled out, our Membership Loyalty System will available from within the casino lobby and not from within the Casino Cashier, and for affiliates from your login. All player wagering, from the day they joined HippoJo Casino, will count to the Membership Loyalty System.

July 03, 2007

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