Announcement Regarding your Ultimate Bet Affiliate Account

As you probably know, Absolute Poker has recently acquired Ultimate Bet and is in the process of merging their affiliate programs.

As of May 1st, Absolute Poker will take over the management of the affiliate program and we will be moving your reporting from Income Access to the Absolute Poker affiliate system. You will not be required to change your links, and all of your stats, commission data and account information will be available in the Absolute Poker system.

Since you have an existing account at Absolute Poker, you can login using your usual AP login details at:

You will continue to have access to all the same reports and stats for both brands will continue to remain separate. You can continue sending any affiliate program questions and queries to

You will still be able to view your stats in your Ultimate Bet account in Income Access until the end of May.

May 01, 2007

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